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Joe Pitts sworn in as Clarksville Mayor
Newly elected Council members also take oath
Posted Date: 1/2/2019

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – Mayor Joe Pitts took the Oath of Office on Wednesday, telling a standing room only crowd at the Wilma Rudolph Event Center that it was “time to turn the page and move the city forward, together.”

Judge Tim Barnes, juvenile court judge with General Sessions jurisdiction in Montgomery County, administered the oath to Pitts, who then swore in three new City Council members and one incumbent member.

After being sworn in, Mayor Pitts took several minutes acknowledging his wife, Cynthia, and many family members; local and state officeholders; Montgomery County officials; and military veterans and families.

He also struck a similar “big tent” theme in his brief speech, and pledged to forge a new and better relationship with Montgomery County government.

“Let us move boldly into this New Year in togetherness and unity,” Mayor Pitts said. “We come from many places, but one thing we all have in common is Clarksville. May God bless this wonderful place and all who call it home.”

New Council members who took the oath of office Wednesday were Vondell Richmond, Ward 2; Travis Holleman, Ward 7; and Stacey Streetman, Ward 10.

Incumbent City Council members who are returning for another term are Wanda Smith, Ward 6, who took her oath Wednesday; and Richard Garrett, Ward 1, and Bill Powers, Ward 11. Garrett will be sworn in Jan. 7, and Powers will be sworn in Jan. 3.

Mayor Pitts and the incoming Council members were chosen by voters in the Nov. 6 City general election, and each will begin a four-year term. Members from the other six wards -- Ron Erb, Ward 3; Tim Chandler, Ward 4; Valerie Guzman, Ward 5; David Allen, Ward 8; Jeff Henley, Ward 9; and Jeff Burkhart, Ward 12 -- are in the middle of their current four-year terms.

The public swearing-in ceremony was conducted during a special called session that also included election of Councilman David Allen as Mayor Pro Tem. Allen was nominated by Pitts and unanimously elected by the 10 council members present.

Earlier, Pitts released his City Council committee assignments for the next two years. They are:

Community & Economic Development: David Allen, Chair; Travis Holleman, Wanda Smith, Stacey Streetman, Jeff Burkhart.

Parks & Recreation: Valerie Guzman, Chair; Richard Garrett, Travis Holleman, Stacey Streetman, Vondell Richmond.

Gas & Water: Bill Powers, Chair; Tim Chandler, Valerie Guzman, David Allen, Ron Erb.

Streets & Garage: Tim Chandler, Chair; Bill Powers, Ron Erb, Richard Garrett, Jeff Henley.

Public Safety: Jeff Henley, Chair; Vondell Richmond; Ron Erb, Wanda Smith, Travis Holleman.

Transportation: Wanda Smith, Chair; Richard Garrett, Vondell Richmond, Bill Powers, Jeff Burkhart.

Finance: Jeff Burkhart, Chair; Tim Chandler, Valerie Guzman, Jeff Henley, Stacey Streetman.

Pitts Takes OathNew Clarksville Mayor Joe Pitts recites his oath of office, administered by Judge Tim Barnes, as his wife, Cynthia, looks on.

Swear In Crowd

A standing-room-only crowd of more than 400 gathered at the Wilma Rudolph Event Center to view the Oath of Office Ceremony for new Mayor Joe Pitts and newly elected Clarksville City Council members.