Riverview Cemetery


Located in Clarksville Tennessee in Montgomery County. The cemetery has existed since February 23, 1800, when Clarksville was no more than a village, on land donated by Valentine Sevier, who was the first recorded interment. The cemetery is considered the oldest known public burial grounds in the area, and is still an active cemetery to this day.

Adopting the Name

20220308-Angie-Sykes-7343In the early historical writings and documents the cemetery was referred to as the city cemetery. The feelings of the citizenry and public officials at that time were that it sounded too much like pauper burial grounds. After many suggestions as to a proper name for the cemetery the city officials, along with the citizenry adopted the name Riverview Cemetery on June 7, 1929. The name was appropriate because it overlooks the beautiful Cumberland River as it winds its way to the Ohio River.

Being on High Ground

In the early years for the cemetery to be laid out on a hillside had its practicality. To travel up or down the Cumberland to a more level spot would have been placing the funeral party in danger of hostile Indian attacks. Holding the high ground was a most desirable advantage.

Notable Interments

Within these hollowed confines lie the remains of the early pioneers, settlers, civic leaders, and statesmen of this areas historical and cultural heritage.

Men of all American wars are interred here. Many pioneer and 19th century citizens, including Revolutionary War soldier Robert Nelson, are buried here. One plot contains the reinterred remains of 125 Confederate soldiers. Also interred here at the foot of his mothers grave is artist Robert L. Newman.