Mayor's Youth Council

Council Overview

The City of Clarksville’s Mayor’s Youth Council is a group of young people working toward the common purpose of developing their individual leadership skills to strengthen their community through volunteer service and increased communication with elected officials. We are looking for students who are interested in developing and leading initiatives with the support of adult mentors. 

The Mayor’s Youth Council is more than just a service club because members also train and involve their peers in service leadership. They also provide valuable insight on issues affecting youth and the community.


The purpose of the Mayor’s Youth Council is to:

  • To acquaint participants with knowledge concerning the operation of Clarksville City government and other City agencies
  • Raise youth-related issues with elected officials
  • Practice public speaking, problem-solving and debating skills
  • Recruit volunteers for service projects
  • Decide on a group project and present to the City Council and Mayor


The Mayor’s Youth Council is:

  • Made up of 25 to 35 members
  • Members must be in the 11th through 12th grades.
  • Members meet monthly and serve a one-year academic term.
  • Prospective members apply in the spring and members are selected by May 1, 2020.
  • Term coincides with Clarksville-Montgomery County School System’s academic year (August through May).

How Do I Apply?

  • Apply online by May 15, 2020.
  • Complete the waiver form and attach to your online application form.
  • Complete the online application form according to the instructions. The application form requires you to write a 300 to 500-page essay. 
  • Obtain one reference from a teacher, guidance counselor, or principal. Persons providing these references should not be related to you.
  • Possess an accrued grade point average of 2.75, based on a 4.0 system.
  • Essay topics: Mayor’s Youth Council is especially focused on the importance of community service. What service project ideas could you bring to the Council?” or “If selected for the Mayor’s Youth Council, I would like to address the following issues concerning youth in Clarksville.

Apply now!

Waiver Form 

Selection Process

A Selection Committee will choose participants for the Mayor’s Youth Council based on interest in learning about City government, learning about their community, commitment to positive self-growth, and demonstrated leadership ability. Selection procedures will include a “blind” review of all applications. Applicants will be notified of the committee’s selections by email.


  • Meet once a month to participate and learn about City Government and its functions. These meetings will take place at the City of Clarksville Parks and Recreation office.
  • Members will take part in group exercises to engage thoughts and ideas regarding current and future issues.
  • Members will attend one City Council meeting over the term and will have the opportunity to present a proposal to the Mayor and City 
  • Council at open Council meetings.
  • Meeting attendance is required. Members will be removed from the council for missing two Mayor’s Youth Council meetings.

2019-2020 Members

Mayor's Youth Council
  • Addison Means
  • Adelle Hall
  • Alexander Rogers
  • Allison Harris
  • Amya Thornton
  • Anna Chen
  • Ashley Song
  • Ashton Jenks
  • Blakely Wilkinson
  • Brittani Mays
  • Caroline Giles
  • Caroline Pennington
  • Cecilia Wu
  • Christopher Roberts
  • Colin Li
  • Dalton Daniels
  • Dylan Gatewood
  • Elizabeth Joiner
  • Ellyn Darke
  • Emily Adair
  • Emily Crosby
  • Emily Deller
  • Emily Mayes
  • Erin Merriman
  • Grace Morris
  • Gracie Watson
  • Hannah Dodson
  • Hope Palmer
  • Kaelyn Hampton
  • Kaitlyn Hanson
  • Kayla Johnson
  • Lauren Terry
  • Madison Green
  • Mallory Milliken
  • Mina Kim
  • Nathenael Hundie
  • Nina Chong
  • Parker Jones
  • Rebecca Williams
  • Riley Vinson
  • Sarah Lange
  • Savannah Byers
  • Sawyer Griffy
  • Shaan Patel
  • Thomas Grubbs
  • Tiana Petitt
  • Tyler Byard