City Forester

Tree City USA certification for 33 years

The Arbor Day Foundation, in cooperation with the National Association of State Foresters and the U.S. Forest Service, created the award program to recognize environmental improvement and higher levels of tree care throughout America. Importantly, the award is designed to do more than recognize achievement beyond the four basic standards of Tree City USA. It is also intended to communicate new ideas by showing community leaders what can and should be done in a well-rounded community forestry program. By being awarded our Tree City USA for the 33rd year it proves that the City has provided forestry management guidelines, high visibility and has taken the right steps toward stewardship of our tree resources.   

Growth Award for 16 years

The Tree City USA Growth Award program has been received by the city for 16 years and provides the next steps by recognizing our community where tree care programs have significantly improved, and by encouraging growth and development in others. 

State certified City Arboretum at Liberty Park 

The establishment of a State Certified community arboretum along the river walkway in Liberty Park Arboretum is an excellent educational tool and a teaching laboratory of trees. Students of all ages from lower elementary through high school and adulthood can observe and learn characteristic differences between species. Scout troops, church groups, and families can learn to appreciate the natural world and its broad diversity, and the role trees play in the urban ecosystem. Property owners can also use an arboretum to help them select appropriate trees to enhance their home or business landscape. Educational tours are available upon request.

Annual Arbor Day celebration

Arbor Day is a national holiday created to recognize the importance of trees. The most common way people celebrate Arbor Day is to get together in groups to plant trees. Generally, a local school is contacted to help celebrate Arbor Day.

Tree analysis and diagnostics

Available for the following public tree assessments to property identify and address any plant tissue analysis for disease or disorders. Tree structure evaluation, Soil nutrient, pH, and organic matter analysis, Soil drainage assessment, and soil density analysis (soil compaction).

Citizen Forestry Program

A curriculum, including history and biology, planting, maintenance, and advocacy for trees is offered each year online or in-person to teach the benefits of trees and the proper techniques to maximize those benefits. Classes are available each year.

Christmas Tree Recycling 

Recycling Christmas trees into mulch, rather than putting them in the trash, keeps them out of landfills and helps save Clarksville the cost of disposal fees.

Adopt A Plot program

The Adopt-A-Plot program is a great opportunity for individuals or organizations to give back to the community by beautifying designated areas throughout the city.

City Tree Maintenance 

To provide regular proactive pruning for City street trees. Proactive maintenance pruning removes dead, damaged, and diseased branches provide structural pruning, and reduces branch end weights. Proactive pruning helps to maintain trees in a healthy condition and reduces the likelihood of branch or tree failures.

Continuing Education about Trees and Natural Resources 

 Urban Forestry provides valuable, expert educational seminars on tree and urban landscape care and maintenance for private citizens, municipalities, and industry. Other educational field seminars are also available such as natural resources, cultural practices, environmental risks, sustainability, and animal resource management. Educational /talks and tours are available upon request.

TN Agricultural Enhancement Program Grant (TAEP) for City tree planting projects

TAEP offers a cost-share program for tree planting on public property, rights-of-way, and private non-profit land with public access. Funds cover half the cost of trees and shipping, contracted planting, mulch, irrigation devices, tree labels, and acknowledgment signs. Grantees are required to use Tennessee-grown trees. A project proposal is submitted for each year through the Tennessee Department of Agriculture's Divison of Forestry by planting trees in our communities and applying for these grant funds helps to increase and improve tree populations throughout the city. 

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