Women With The Badge

The Clarksville Police Department is fortunate to be filled with capable men and women who have answered a calling. Many women bring a distinct skillset to law enforcement, which will always be in high demand.  The Clarksville Police Department would like to recognize some of the women that serve the citizens of Clarksville with integrity, honor and courage. 

For all who are interested in joining these officers in answering Clarksville's calling, click here

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"I became a police officer in 1998, after working four years as the Resident Services Coordinator at the Clarksville Housing Authority, because I felt I could not fully meet the needs of those in that community in my current position at the time. The residents in the housing community both wanted and needed someone they could trust. Providing the residents with that person has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my job and one of the things I love most. It has been even more rewarding since having the privilege of being the 1st female to be promoted to the rank of captain because it gave the young girls, teenagers, and young adults someone they can look up to and personally say, "I knew her when"; and hopefully see I am the same person who wanted nothing but the best for them now, just as I did 22 years ago."

Detective Feinberg


"I started working with the Clarksville Police Department in 2005 as a volunteer with our mounted patrol program we had at that time. It was a great way to “get my feet wet” and working with animals is something I have a passion for. I became a reserve officer in 2006 and applied and joined CPD as a full time sworn officer in 2007. What I love most about working here is that I have the opportunity to help people and hopefully change their perception of what officers are, and educate and train others. Before I joined CPD,I was a military spouse and we lived in Europe, so moving around I had a myriad of jobs that I could travel with that were always focused on serving others in one capacity or another. Law Enforcement has given me the opportunity to see the world through different lenses and appreciate other perspectives. It is different every day, no two calls, situations, or individuals are alike."



"I joined the CPD December 16, 2008. Before I joined the CPD I worked in the banking industry in Evansville, IN. Eventually, I joined a women’s football team in Clarksville, in which I commuted to practice and play. Some of my teammates on the football team worked at the Clarksville Police Department (CPD). When they discovered my interest in law enforcement, I was easily convinced to apply for a job at the CPD. There are several things I love about this job. I love the camaraderie, the job is challenging, the lack of monotony, the variety of different positions we have an opportunity to be a part of, and that we get a chance to help people. It’s a great feeling when you find your purpose in life. You can’t put a price tag on that. The biggest misconception that comes to my mind is that we don’t do this job like our male counterparts. There are times when a more stern way of dealing with things gets the right results, and there are times when a more empathetic way is the best way to resolve an issue. The mix helps officers become more adaptable to each individual and each situation, which creates an efficient team. I now seek out God’s guidance when faced with difficult decisions. When I’m on track, He gives me a calm and peaceful feeling. So I roll with that decision, and that is why I am where I am."

Officer B.Middleton


"I was hired in 2015. I was drawn to a law enforcement career for many years but had to wait until my husband was done with the Army. Chief Ansley was gracious enough to give me a shot. I think women have a lot to offer in regards to law enforcement. We bring a different perspective and it shows we really aren't afraid to get our hands dirty. We can be feminine and tough at the same time. My first patrol car, which I'm still using, I call "Ole' Sorta-Reliable." People don't realize the abuse our cars take over a 12 hour shift and many officers will tell you that some days our cars just say "NOPE!" I'm pretty hard on myself and always think I can do better."



"I was sworn in to CPD in November of 2018. I became a police officer to build connections with my community, and to help the Spanish speaking community feel as though they have a voice even if they cannot speak English. Being a woman in law enforcement is inspiring. After seeing a female officer as a child, it put me on this path, and I truly feel accomplished. One of my best characteristics is being social. I love to enjoy a few minutes of conversation with the people I serve. As a female police officer, I do get underestimated in certain situations, but I speak to everyone with respect no matter how I’m treated. I love what I do and I’ll be there when you need me."